Georgia Vardarou

Stanislav Dobak


°1983, Athens, lives and works in Brussels.

Georgia Vardarou was introduced to the world of dance when she was four years old. At the age of ten she enrolled in the preparatory department of the State School of Dance (Κ.Σ.Ο.Τ.) before entering the professional department of the same school at the age of 18. After her graduation in 2004 she danced for the choreographer Apostolia Papadamaki and arrived in Brussels where she continued her studies at the dance school P.A.R.T.S.

During her studies she created several short pieces, mostly in collaboration with Gilles Polet and Tassos Karahalios, which toured in several festivals in Europe. During the graduation tour she danced in RAIN, a piece by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

After her graduation in 2008 she started working as a dancer with the choreographer Salva Sanchis (Kunst/Werk). She has taken part in several pieces by Sanchis, Marc Vanrunxt, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Lance Gries.

In 2012 she started the research project Hardcore Research on Dance which resulted in a short solo that toured in festivals in Europe. In response to that piece, both Marc Vanrunxt and Salva Sanchis each created a short solo for her. Together with Hardcore Research on Dance these three solos were presented as a single solo under the title Trigon.

 Continuing with the same kind of research and questions as in her solo about personal movement and the eloquence of the language of dance, she recently created her first group piece Phenomena. 

Together with the sound artist Stijn Demeulenaere and Marisa Cabal Cabeza (Busy Rocks), they then created Sonic Theaters, a performance for public spaces based on the listening experience of binaural microphones. 

She is currently working as a dancer with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker for the new creation of Rosas.