Lilia Mestre


Lilia Mestre (Lisbon, 1968) is a Portuguese performing artist living and working in Brussels. In her work she uses choreographic tools to research issues related to perception, culture and relationality.
Since 1994 she has worked as a dancer and collaborator namely with Vera Mantero, Hans Van den Broeck, Christine de Smedt, Martin Nachbar, Kate Machintosh and Mette Edvardsen. In 1999 she founded the company Random Scream with Davis Freeman to expose the eclectic elements of everyday culture with proposed lines of flight for dance, theatre, and other media.
Her own work includes the stage performances: “Untitle me”, Missing Link, Beyond Mary and Joseph, Rendering, (g)hosts and Moving you. She also created a site specific research series Interface fictions questioning performance, product and the gaze in public space and the performative site specific installation Live-In Room issued from a research on sound and emotions.
Her next project Ai! A choreographic project is a collaboration with Marcos Simões.
Since 2006 Lilia Mestre is dramaturge and co-ordinator for Bains Connective Art Laboratory in Brussels. Currently she is mentor at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies in Antwerp).