Works: Sarah Vanhee

Collected screams at Cialo Umysl

collected screams

Lecture-performance (60 min, English spoken)

A voice is as singular as a fingerprint. When we scream, we catapult ourselves inside out, revealing that dimension of ourselves in between body and mind, maybe closest to our soul. “To open our mouth and let out sounds from a hole in the middle of our face”, revealing both our strongest power and deepest vulnerability.

In collected screams, Sarah Vanhee shares different uttered and non-uttered screams from scientific, philosophical, mythological, artistic and political backgrounds, moving from socially accepted, contextualized and collective screaming to darker, more intimate territories, uncontrolled leakages with no attempt at articulations, infinite screams.

She wonders why we did not scream when we could have screamed and, against the background of patriarchy, re-claims screaming as a tool, a weapon, as instant healing, as a way to unwind or means to express pain, excitement, fear, anger, joy or anything unspeakable. We deserve to scream.


Performance, text: Sarah Vanhee Production: Manyone Thanks to: Britt Hatzius, Xiri Tara Noir, Flore Herman, Isabel de Naveran