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Leentje Vandenbussche


Leentje Vandenbussche doesn’t only make performative pieces, her work also takes the shape of a visual arts practice. It is often in preparation of her performances, that (monk-like) graphical work and publications come to life, in a quest to overcome linguistics, and to visualize data. A human being tries to understand. The research method of Leentje Vandenbussche verges on insanity. By means of different drudgeries she has looked for something to hold on to in the vast subjects of all and nothing. Carried by (/subordinated to) an isolated, monotonous rhythm, her research studies give intriguing results. A fascinating view on all and nothing, a look behind the scenes of the performances.

An overview of former projects, dating from 2005 till today, is listed below.

The Hapax Legomenon of Waiting for Godot.
1st stage: Festival M² – De Tijd (november 08)
DVD (+/- 50 min)

All on canvas: the World/ my World.
A satellite picture of planet earth is projected onto a white canvas. With the Dymo (sticker-print device) at the ready the nominating starts. Everything that is visible (transparent stickers): green, cloud, water… Everything that is visible, but of which you know that it is there (paper white stickers): a village, a street, McDonalds… Associations with what is there (stickers in mother-of-pearl): Columbus, slipper, extinct animals, Einstein… Every word can only be used once.

More than 10 000 words fill up the projection of the globe. More than 10 000 words fill up the contours of Leente Vandenbussche on the second canvas. For two months Vandenbussche has been labeling intensely in order to put everything on the world and everything into words and relief. “It is like a puzzle. Every word is important and is on that spot for a reason. But once the puzzle is finishedn the white space filled up, there remains a deep disappointment. As if you only see the landscape/the words outside the puzzle instead of the finally completed shape.”

The words are all in the regular direction of reading but they are not in a straight line like a sentence. That causes every spectator to make his own lines, clusters, associations. To communicate and thus to map out everything better than the (at first sight) shortcoming mass of words does.

Trivial Pursuit of Everything

Death in fiction

Salon Privé
A graphical reconstruction in 3 parts, 30 years of Leentje dissected in 1984-1999, 2000-2006 and 2007-2014. Instead of writing a life story, she made a collection of events that happened per year, which later on appeared meaningful. Going from a CD that came out in 1995, to a show that was on television in 1990, she graphically drew her personal history in a 800 page document, which could only be read on the computer it was composed on. The visitor would get a cup of tea, and a personal history to browse through at his/her own pace.


The Hapax Legomenon
Organ: Herman De Roover
Interviewer: Lucas Van Der Vorst or Freek Vielen
Video: Willy Wtterwulghe

Alles op Canvas
Concept & realisation: Leentje Vandenbussche
Coproduction: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r & Kunstencentrum BUDA
In collaboration with: Campo & Monty
With the support of the Flemsih Government
Sponsored by: Dymo