Works: Begüm Erciyas + Matthias Meppelink

Gerold Meppelink

Forest Silent Gathering

For Begüm Erciyas’ and Matthias Meppelink’s new performance Forest Silent Gathering, a group of audience members meet inside a forest at sunset and follow a soundtrack through headphones. An audio-social architecture is created, in which one can possibly be alone together. Changing distances invite to find new proximities. Absent figures become protagonists. As the communal space takes shape and transforms, Forest Silent Gathering makes us reflect on the bonds between people, forests and histories. What is it that keeps us together?


Concept: Begüm Erciyas Realisation: Begüm Erciyas and Matthias Meppelink Artistic collaboration: Jean-Baptiste Veyret Logerias, Sara Manente, Ayşe Orhon, Maru Mushtrieva Dramaturgy: David Weber-Krebs Production: Hiros Co-production: DE SINGEL, STUK, Arcadia (Leeuwarden), PACT Zollverein, Platform 0090, Kunstenwerkplaats KWP, Münchner Kammerspiele With the support of: Vlaamse Overheid Thanks to: Homo Novus Festival, Musica Impulscentrum voor Muziek