Works: Leentje Vandenbussche

Leentje Vandenbussche

Iets anders

When I was about ten years old, I saw the movie Pretty Woman. Just like the character played by Julia Roberts, I never had set foot in a theater. But thanks to the scene in which Richard Gere takes her out to the theatre, I finally understood what happened behind those impressive façades. The movie showed almost nothing of the performance, but I could see on her face that it was something astonishing, something beautiful, something touching, something that makes you forget about the world. Something that makes you – and me – quiet.

With that first impression – or maybe even that film scene as a first theatrical experience – Leentje Vandenbussche would only years later find her way as a spectator, creator and actor. The astonishment that was an important part of her performances becomes now the main focus point in Iets anders (Something else). This creation will be the top of the bill of an artistic trajectory of more than ten years about Nothing, Everything, death and Something. Iets anders is a festive ode to ‘something’ and to the magic of theatre.


Concept and performance: Leentje Vandenbussche
Artistic assistants: Godart Bakkers, Lucas Vandervost, Tine Van Aerschot
Jelle Spruyt
Kunstencentrum BUDA
In collaboration with:
CC Kortrijk, wpZimmer, Campo and De Studio