Works: Leentje Vandenbussche

Marianne Hommersom


Everything ok?
Yes, all is good.

So simple and extensive is this performance of Leentje Vandenbussche.
is like an open buffet of All, in his greatest elusive form, and our all in our everyday environment. Do you go straight for the full load or do you carefully compose each plate? Everything is in your own hands. Without prying eyes. Without accountability. Everything is possible. Everything is good.


concept & creatie Leentje Vandenbussche
dramaturgie Tina Ameel
audio Joris Van Damme
productie assistent Tiziana Penna
productie Mokum vzw
coproductie detheatermaker & Buda
in samenwerking met Campo & Monty
artistieke input Ruth Mariën, Christoph Ragg, Pierre Rubio
met de steun van de Vlaamse gemeenschap