Works: Thomas Ryckewaert


She’s at home. Alone. Outside the world is raging. Inside everything is quiet. She thinks she’s unobserved. At this place, at this hour, during her daily routine, her wildest fantasies, most intense desires, deepest fears grow. Time is ticking.
Portrait; the breathless midpoint of an unknown story. A desolate portrait. A deceptive still life.



Concept Thomas Ryckewaert & Erki De Vries
Written & Directed by Thomas Ryckewaert
Cast Erika Sainte
Scenography Erki De Vries
Sound Tim Vets
Song Composed, performed and produced Tim Vets
Light design Giacomo Gorini
Costumes Bert Gillet
Assistance Scenography: Anton Boon, Emile Duyck (internship)
Technical assistance Bern Van Deun
Production assistance: Evelien Stichelmeyer
Production Margarita Production for Wolff vzw
Coproduction Monty (Antwerp), Beursschouwburg (Brussels), STUK (Leuven), Champ d’Action (Antwerp), detheatermaker (Antwerp)
In cooperation with BUDA (Kortrijk), Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp), DeVIR/CAPa (Portugal)
With the support of the Flemish Government & Stad Antwerpen
Made in Troubleyn/Laboratorium & Monty (Antwerp)