Works: Pieter De Buysser

The New Theatre Institute of Latvia

The myth of the great transition

The Myth of the Great Transition is a philosophical tale full of wild beasts, joy and resistance.

Being alive is a mysterious miracle that can make us delirious with happiness. And yet things are not going well for us. Environmental catastrophes are imminent, and socio-economic disaster looms… People may have different opinions, but everyone knows the facts. The realization that we all have to make a great transition to a different model of society has been so widely accepted that it has been cast aside like a cliché. Been there, done that? Wrong. You have not been there yet. You might say, ‘No, thank you. To believe that mankind is capable of a great transition is a dangerous myth’. Indeed. And I will tell you that myth. Recognizing that our existence is shaped by fictions is perhaps the only form of freedom which mankind is capable of.


Author and performer: Pieter De Buysser
Scenography: Herman Sorgeloos
Communication & production: Margarita Production / Hiros
Coproduction: Kaaitheater
Thanks to: Sarah Vanagt
In the frame of the European project “Imagine 2020: Art and Climate Change”, in collaboration with the New Economics Foundation
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.