Christina Vantzou

Lena Shkoda
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° 1979, US, lives and works in Brussels.

Christina Vantzou is a Missouri native of Greek descent who resides in Brussels. After co-founding The Dead Texan, performing with Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) and creating abstract films for many renowned musical artists, Vantzou embarked on a solo career. Smoothly navigating the waters between music and visual art, Vantzou’s hybrid practice includes composing, making experimental films, and designing immersive live performances.

Working with classical ensembles, virtual instruments, synthesizers and MIDI, Vantzou’s sound world blurs and fuses the line between modern-classical and ambient, while touching on drone, minimalism and left field electronic genres. She combines digital and analog modes of making and is influenced by a myriad of disciplines including art history, architecture, archeology, metaphysics, philosophy, geology and social science. Transient areas of sleeping, dreaming, and memory have influenced her unique and often surreal audiovisual language. Her visceral recordings and performances are often ‘deep listening’ experiences characterized by a ‘loosening of time.’

Her diverse circle of collaborators include Echo Collective, The Chamber Players, Resina, Magik*Magik Orchestra, ACME, Michael Harrison, John Also Bennett, visual artist Zin Taylor and sound sculptor Félicia Atkinson, among many others. Her work has been released by Kranky, Shelter Press, Commend Here, Ghostly International, Soundwalk Collective, Sonic Pieces and Edições CN.

Christina Vantzou has been working with Hiros since album No.3.

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