Works: Christina Vantzou

Lena Shkoda

No. 5

Voice, synthesizers, piano and electronics extend from a sanctuary cave and glow in dreamlore to emerge into the light of day. The spirit world, the earth, movement / migration and labor practices are central themes which inform an amalgam of sounds, composed in the oral tradition, structured by chance, aided by machines.

Broad influences like chant, praise song, baroque music and lament influence the constantly changing aural atmosphere.  Slow in its metamorphosis, the work is intent on creating a space that connects us emotionally, making room for pause, contemplation, recourse, vulnerability and resolve.

The music ponders invisible, but felt places, and is designed to confuse the senses: synthesizer sounds mimic voice, field recordings appear to sound synthesized. 

No. 5 is a collaborative work, deeply infused by oral traditions of the past and present. A rotating cast of performers allow the work to continuously bloom.


composed & mixed by Christina Vantzou

voice: Lieselot De Wilde
voice / clarinet: Holland Andrews
piano / harp / violin: Margaret Hermant
viola: Neil Leiter
cello: Vincent Werbrouck
electronics: Heinrich Mueller
modular synthesizers / roland juno 60: John Also Bennett
bass clarinet: Ben Bertrand
theremin: Beatrijs De Klerck
seaboard / electronics: Francesco Donadello
keyboards / electronics: Ruben Benabou
cave drips field recording: Ben Rivers
modular synthesizers / roland juno 60 / electronics / field recordings: Christina Vantzou

No. 5 was recorded by Christine Verschorren at Jet Studio, Brussels
assisted by Thibault Dupont

additional recordings were made at Echo Collective studio, Brussels engineered by Pierre Dozin

seaboard and electronics on ‘Enter’ were recorded at Vox-ton, Berlin engineered by Francesco Donadello

Harp on ‘Red Eel Dream’ was recorded at STUK engineered by Renaldo Maria

Mastered by Heba Kadry
Brooklyn, NY

Production: Hiros with support from STUK

Release date TBA 2022. Kranky