Stanley Ollivier

Miguel Soll
Project collaboration


Stanley Ollivier is a dancer, performer, maker, physical actor & DJ from Paris, France. Coming from a gymnastic background, he decided to change his path from a need for creativity, and went to study dance and musical in the International Dance Academy Of Paris (AID). He left to continue his studies in Contemporary Dance at the CNSMDP in Paris, and in P.A.R.T.S. where he obtained his Master of Arts in Dance. His artistic practice stems from the belief that a body has infinite possibilities to generate the unexpected and challenge the abstract, imaginative, and perceptive power of the human body. He is interested in physical investigations, including but not limited to movement. He works around questions about the place of amusement in contemporary dance, context displacement, identity, humor, care and versatility. 

He has collaborated with different residency support, productions and international artists such as: Kamel Ouali, Tatiana Seguin, François Rousseau, Lasseindra Ninja, Iván Pérez & The Heidelberg Dance Theater, Pippin, Morgan Productions, Disney Channel, Lila&John, Agnes Kena, Nina Muñoz, Collective LA 360/Sarah Deppe, Cie Tabea Martin, Visual Artist & Director Brahim Tall, Geert Belpaeme, Soa Ratsifandrihana, Léa Vinette, workspacebrussels, Lafayette Anticipation Paris, CCN Orléans, Tanzhaus Zürich, etc.

He has presented his work at To Be Antwerp Festival 2020, Cocq’arts Festival 2021, Tic Tac Art Center, Beursschouwbourg, BAMP, S.M.A.K. Ghent, Design Museum Brussels, Queer Festival Heidelberg, Les Brigittines, etc. He is a member of the Ballroom Scene, he is part of the Iconic House Of Ninja. Likewise, he is dj-ing under the name of STANLEY, a new practice that helps him proclaim his crossbreeding heritage and rethink possible ways of being together through music. He played in different radio’s such as Rinse (FR), Kiosk Radio (BE), The Lot Radio (NYC). With his collaborator MalMeQuer, they host a broadcast show ‘Entwined’ which aims to promote young artists to expose their work or research in relation to sonic experiences and/or music.