Works: Nikima Jagudajev


Basically is an ongoing live project whose exhibition format is a hybrid production space, residency space, school yard; a context to practice and perform within. Jagudajev’s collective, prefigurative practice is called re-schooling, coming together and sharing devotions. A reconstruction of what so many of us—some more than others—were deprived of as children: the laughter that fills the halls between classes, locker decorations and secrets underneath the bleachers. Re-schooling requires the input of many artistic practitioners, sharing with one another their most impassioned selves, sewing relational threads, building strong bonds with themselves and others.

Basically is structured as a choreographic game for several performers with interactive and playful rules. It includes nonlinear dance choreographies that fold in on themselves like portals through time, fugue-like contrapuntal guitar melodies, vocals and Ableton soundscapes, daily I Ching castings that locate the performers in a shifty universe, journal entries that become their textbook, Still Lifes, “crits” – art class crit turned oracle – and unscheduled time that leaves room for contingency. Jagudajev is currently developing a clothing line (Arcane Clothing) and a deck of cards (POWDER) as part of Basically worldbuilding. Visitors are invited into this shifting constellation. They become involved in making and remaking the environment; a sociality of difference.

Listen to the Basically album on Spotify.

Watch a video of Basically in Shedhalle Zürich here.

Collaborators: The Class of the 21st Century: Bård Aarvik, Laurel Atwell, Jordan Balaber, Matilda Cobanli, Lara Dâmaso, Dounia Dolbec, Emmanuel Diela Nkita, Zöe Field, Ezra Fieremans, Magnus Håland Sunde, Hanako Hayakawa, June Jenkins, Yevheniya Kravets, M I M I, Ashley Morgan, Ikenna Nwaogu, Shelmith Øseth, Cody Oyama, Chris Pawlusek, Salomon Poutsma, Julie Silset, Lester St. Louis, Louise Trueheart, Alexandra Tveit, Marie Ursin, Nicoline Ursin, Amalia Wiatr Lewis and Stav Yeini.