Works: Mario Barrantes Espinoza

Flesh can’t can’ t not’t ‘tis flesh h…

Imagine a sci-fi world shaped by the musical genre of reggaeton, the urban dance perreo, the linguistic experience of accessing everyday life through a limited understanding of English, and the historical connection of Central America with the export of exotic fruits. 

This is the world that Flesh can’t can’  t  not’t ‘tis flesh h… invokes, a multimedia performance that mixes live music, projection of text, dance and sculpture. Two burning bodies guide us through the landscapes of a foreign world, to explore the bittersweet ventures of the Global South-Global North migration, and to trace part of the queer histories found in the Central American region.

Listen to Mario’s playlist here!


Concept, performance and texts Mario Barrantes Espinoza Performance Luis Javier Murillo Zúñiga Artistic assistance and texts Theo Livesey Dramaturgy and texts Martín Zícari Music Luis Miguel Ramírez aka DJ Amapola Stage design Mona Oren (wax sculptures), Amalia Jaulin (plexiglass sculptures) Stage design assistance Jeanne Fleury Light design Ryoya Fudetani Light Assistance Yuika Koizumi Laser Lenaic Pujol Costume direction Nikos Kalaz Costume realisation Moran Sanderovich Stage management Milan Van Doren Movement advice Marlla Araujo Video projections and trailer Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc Title design Guille Carmona Production Hiros Co-production Kaaitheater, Toneelhuis, VIERNULVIER, DeSingel, Kunstenwerkplaats, Perpodium Residencies workspacebrussels, Kunstencentrum BUDA In collaboration with KAAP, STUK With the support of de Vlaamse Overheid and the tax shelter of the Belgian Federal Government via uFund Special thanks to Robbe Embrechts, Tembi De Koninck, Rinus Chaerle, Amy Clark, and Nathan Isahakyan