Works: Paula Almiron & Wouter De Raeve

I Build My Language With Rocks 

I Build My Language With Rocks is a choreographic project about the movements of the Northern Quarter in Brussels; a critical reading of the top-down movements (large-scale urban plans), and a focus on the local movements in the neighborhood. The notion of the swamp – one of the first forms of life buried under the asphalt in order for the city to be written – functions as a dramaturgical guidance throughout the project.

Within the context of this project, Paula and Wouter opened a space called ‘M33’ located on the ground floor of the Harmonie building in the Northern Quarter. M33 is a place devoted to the local movements of the neighborhood. Next to artistic research, a diversity of activities take place in M33: training of popping and hip hop dance with Oumar, dance for women with Paula, line dance by De Harmonie, circuit training with Omema, boxing for children with Shakira, rehearsals of Open Mic Sauvage, screenings, swamp sessions, inhabitant’s meetings for social organisation, imagining of a demonstration, pop-up restaurant of De Harmonie,…

Paula and Wouter recently started logging some activities surrounding this project.

Find the JULY 2023 updates here.

Find the AUGUST 2023 updates here.


Project by: Paula Almiron and Wouter De Raeve Dramaturgical advise: Simon Asencio Production: Hiros In collaboration with: vzw De Harmonie, Projet de Cohésion Social Quartier Nord, BXL Refugees and Kaaitheater Supported by: Flemish Government, Stad Brussel, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Triodos