Works: Manah Depauw + Cathy Weyders

La wallifornie

Wallifornië is often described as a land diffifcult to access, where forests still grow luxuriantly, where beer floats spontaneously from the home taps. Many are those who believe that ‘Wallifornië ” is a name derived from the earthly paradise that was destroyed during the floods. Claptrap!

“Wallifornië or Wallifornia ” would have more to do with the first Flemish climate refugees. They were terribly weakened by the rising waters that flooded their fields, were given shelter by the locals and christened the area “Wallifornia. ‘Walli’ for ‘high’ referring to the many hills, and ‘fornia’ from ‘furnus’, ‘oven’, to the warmth of its inhabitants.

Theater maker Manah Depauw and visual artist Cathy Weyders join hands together to reach the elusive wallifornië in all safety together with the public. During the trip on their Noah’s Ark with its many lifeboats, they let us see “la Wallifornie” in a new light.


An installation / performance by: Manah Depauw and Cathy Weyders
Production: Margarita Production
With the support of: STUK, Vooruit, Beursschouwburg, Time’s Up & Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie