Manah Depauw


°1979 lives and works in Brussels.

After graduating from the Royal Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in Luik, Manah Depauw founded the company Buelens Paulina, with Marijs Boulogne. Together they have created the performances Hotel O Control and the mystical-bizarre fable Endless Medication. Invited by the KunstenFestivalDesArts 2004, Depauw and Boulogne created Good Habits. Besides their theatre performances, they made radio shows between 2002 and 2004: a series of improvised stories, broadcasted by FM Brussels and Klara.

As an actress, Depauw played in Terre by Cie l’Anneau, in Baraque friture by KVS, in Killusion by Ontroerend Goed, and in the video installations by Kris Verdonck and Alexis Destoop. The film Welcome Home by Tom Heene, in which Depauw played the leading role was selected for the Venice, Montreal Sacramento Filmfestival, etc..

With performances like Aphromorphosis and Lichaamshof and with installations like Box en Bed, Manah has been exploring the boundaries between visual arts and theatre. During her residency in DE BANK/Victoria (2006) Manah created with artist Bernard van Eeghem All along the watchtower and How do you like my landscape which were picked up by various important international festivals.

She also took part in the project Blind date from Transquinquennal and found the magazine ‘Stempel’ with a collective from Gent: handelsreizigers. In 2007 she created with theatre maker An Verstraete Club Caval for the Brussels project Canaletto.
Later the performance Johnson & Johnson was selected as one of the ten best performances by the Theaterfestival 2009. The performance Eden Central was created for Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2011 in Brussels.

At the request of vooruit, Depauw and Cathy Weyders created a utopian performance “La Wallifornia”. In 2013 she premiered in Vooruit in Ghent with her latest piece “King Dom”. Since 2014 Manah Depauw works together with Theodora Ramaekers, Virginia Gardin and Jean-luc Millot, and works as a director for the piece Mange tes ronces.

Since 2007 Depauw teaches occasionally at the RITS in Brussels, Kask in Ghent, and at the University of Antwerp.