Works: Manah Depauw

Jan Geloen


The procession of maniac monsters come to crown their queen and burn their witch. A bunch of bikers with leather fringed jackets and vikings helmets try to save the innocent and the virgin. Will they succeed ?
With luck, in this whole mess, a spectral child’s choir, will recite sinister chants we’d better forget before we go to sleep ….


Concept: Manah Depauw
With: Ragna Aurich en Nicolas Delalieux
Music: Maarten Vancauwenberghe en Manah Depauw
Production & technician: kunstencentrum BUDA
Costumes: Manah Depauw
Naaiwerk: Arlette
Extras: Emilie Carrette, Emmy Depicker, Johan Desmet, Anneleen Lagae, Sarah Roels, Mady Vanbiervliet, Frank Vandamme, Jan Vandewalle, Lucrèce Vervaek
Special thanks: Fries Verschaete, Lieselot Desmet, Griet Raes