Works: Manah Depauw + Quentin Manfroy

Manah De Pauw

Ne prenez plus l’ascenceur, prenez le pouvoir

Nothing distinguishes us from the people who listen to us. We are Lambda citizens who decided to become revolutionaries in less than a month. We embrace the battle and found ways to fight inability, succeed financially, encounter love and, most of all, counter depression and schizophrenia. we have resolved to combat impotence, to succeed financially, to meet love and especially to counter depression and schizophrenia. In short: cobblestones instead of Xanax!

During one month Quentin Manfroy and Manah Depauw withdrew their money from the bank, attempted a political murder, engaged in sabotage and other acts of civil disobedience. They share their experiences in the radio documentary Don’t take the elevator, take the power!, composed of interviews, extracts from their journal, revolutionary thoughts, contradictions (often) and lack of courage (sometimes).


WIth: Quentin Manfroy and Manah De Pauw
Coproduction: Kunstencentrum BUDA