Works: Sara Manente

Susanna Hofer


MOLD is a dance piece that explores the different elements of the theatre and treats them as parts of the same body. It is a sensory experience that connects live arts to live cultures by bringing organic processes and materials on stage.

The meaning of the title is twofold. A “mold” is both a hollow form shaping malleable materials and a fungus infecting and connecting very different spaces. The body emerging from the interrelation between these two meanings, is the starting point of the piece. The choreography of MOLD is a place where giving and taking shape come together.

MOLD invites the audience to a universe where both “making” and “letting things happen” are experienced simultaneously.


Concept and direction: Sara Manente Performance: Marcos Simoes, Gitte Hendrikx, Sara Manente Light: Estelle Gautier Scent and temperature: Sofie Durnez Mycellium: Deborah Robbiano Dramaturgical advice: Jaime Llopis Artistic advice: Edurne Rubio Production: Hiros Co-production: C-TAKT, wpZimmer, Kaaitheater, Kunstencentrum BUDA, WIELS, Far° Festival With the support of: de Vlaamse Overheid Thanks to: XING, Kunst/Werk