Works: Bernard Van Eeghem

Ode Marítima

It is under the heteronym Àlvaro de Campos that Fernando Pessoa (Lisbon, 1888-1935) composed his epic poem “Maritime Ode” in 1915.

In this tribute he unfolds, unravels and explores in a magisterial and yet poetical way the wide maritime world of his age. It is also a great journey of the mind in which, drawing on his absolute loneliness, the poet explores and even transgresses the borders of morality to nestle close to madness for a brief moment.

Bernard Van Eeghem performed this text in his own particular way nine years ago already. Today he approaches it with a whole new inspiration.


With: Bernard Van Eeghem
Poem by: Fernando Pessoa
Production: Hiros
Thanks to: de Pianofabriek