Bernard Van Eeghem

Trajectory collaboration


°1953, Comines, lives and works in Brussels.

Bernard studied architecture in Ghent and art history in Brussels.
While growing up in Bruges, the annual Blood Procession has left an indelible impression. It fed his desire, not so much for the pure spectacle, but for the integration of various branches in arts. A desire to create the ideal of an Gesamtkunstwerk, alone or with few people. Bernard Van Eeghem writes lyrics, designs posters and settings, acts, sings and performs, makes theater and exhibitions. He taught contemporary art for Amarant, was asked as a coach and a tutor for young artists.

Bernard Van Eeghem worked on many and diverse productions to only recently become and work independent into the theater. In 2004, ‘One Hand Waving Free’ was selected for the TheaterFestival taking place in both Ghent and Amsterdam. For the last couple of years Bernard made some remarkable plays with Catherine Graindorge, Katja Dreyer, Manah Depauw, Dolores Bouckaert and Nele Vereecken. A book –KANT- was written for Campo, Ghent. In 2012 he was nominated with his performance ‘Sanglier’ by the French-speaking theatre critics for the “prix de la critique”.