Works: Bernard Van Eeghem

How do you like my landscape

With How do you like my landscape Manah Depauw and Bernard Van Eeghem use sharp imagination to redefine the place of the human body within our society, which is still prey to a puritanical eye and political correctness. By means of slight manipulation – disconcerning by its simplicity – Depauw and Van Eeghem remove the human body from its normal context and place it in unexpected situations. The four-episode spectacle takes place around a landscape where the apparent tranquillity only serves to camouflage terrible beasts that, given a chance would awaken in us all those desires that we prefer to remain hidden. The audience follows a world that transforms itself and develops through the four episodes.


By and with: Manah Depauw & Bernard Van Eeghem
Technician: Stéphane Vernimmen
Production: DE BANK/Victoria
Diffusion: Margarita Production