Works: Vera Tussing

The Palm of Your Hand

This is a dance of touch. The work exists in the active, tactile, engaged negotiation between performer and audience – in their tacit agreement and understanding. Arranged in an ellipse, the audience themselves form the bounds of the theatrical space. This is a journey that, by definition, performer and audience discover and create together.

After premiering the first version of The Palm of Your Hand 2015, we are now touring The Palm of Your Hand # 2 – a re-creation commissioned by the Human Body Project. This re-creation reimagines the piece by working with a group of blind and partially sighted people to help make the work communicate beyond sight.


Direction: Vera Tussing
Research, creation & performer team: Ben McEwen, Erik Nevin, Meri Pajunpää, Camille Prieux, Solene Weinachter, Vera Tussing, Zoltan Vakulya, Esse Vanderbruggen
Recreation Team: Solene Weinachter, Vera Tussing, Zoltan Vakulya, Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Lee Chen-Wei
Re-creation assisted by: Saïd Gharbi, Ibrahim Tamditi, Jempie Vermeulen, Tonia In Den Kleef, Yannick Heeren
Contextual research & dramaturgical advice: Lucie Beauvert, Michael Picknett, JS Rafaeli, Alexander Vantournhout
Sound, video & photography during Research: Emanuele Costantini, Alessandra Rocchetti, Benjamin Sommabère, Zoilly Molnar, Vinicius Salles
Design research in collaboration with: Lucie Beauvert.
Executive producer: Hiros & Vera Tussing
With additional support from Klein Verzet.
Supported by: Flemish Government, STUK (Leuven), Life Long Burning/ Workspace Brussels with the Support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.
Research supported using Public Funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England
Commissioned by The Place.
Re-creation was Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and presented in the frame of the EU project The Humane Body.
Thanks to Kate Goodwin and The Royal Academy of Arts & The Work Place at The Place (UK)