Works: Sarah Vanhee

Miriam Hempel

words service

Is there something you want to say or write 

but can’t find the words?

Then visit words service.

The words provider will lend you a listening ear. words service is happy to help you with matters of head, heart and soul for which you need words. Communication is precious. Various writings are created with care and precision, in consultation, within a discreet, poetic setting. words service can be visited weekly at a fixed location in the city, for several months. The service is free and publicly accessible, with or without an appointment. Multiple languages are available. 

At the end of each writing retreat, there is a public presentation in the form of a lecture-performance.

words service is staffed by artist Sarah Vanhee, together with other word providers. With this work, Vanhee elaborates on her practice of active and deep listening, central to her oeuvre. words service offers attention and humanity in a hectic society, and is an ethical, aesthetic and symbolic alternative to the far-reaching digitalisation and robotisation of our language, communication and services.


Concept, performance, writing: Sarah Vanhee Outside ear: Flore Herman Graphic design, visual identity: Miriam Hempel Production: Hiros Co-production: Kunstencentrum BUDA, De Grote Post, La Bellone, De Markten, Monty, C-Mine, VIERNULVIER, CAMPO In partnership with: Memento Woordfestival