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Barbara Mavro Thalassitis (Belgium/France)

Graduated as a classical dancer, she starts theatre at the end of the eighties at the school of Marcel Maréchal at the Théatre National de Marseille. It’s during her theatre formation that she discovers the possibilities of the voice with her teacher Irène Jarski with whom she will study the classical repertoire as well as the contemporary.
During the nineties she works as an actor with among others Robert Cordier, Xavier Duringer, Andonis Vouyoucas, Françoise Chatôt and Marc Baylet. In ’94, she founds her proper company and directs ‘Perverses Variations’ (freely inspired on ‘Perversité sexuelle à Chicago’ of David Mamet). It’s in that period that she takes up dancing again by following a contemporary dance formation in Paris and New York (at the Movement-Research, the Limon Institute, …).
Back in Europe she will work as a dancer with Felix Ruckert (Germany) and Michèle Murray (France) and work on improvisation with Yann Lheureux and Emmanuel Grivet (France). She will also follow several workshops with Steve Paxton, … ,Lisa Nelson, Véra Mantéro and Simon Forti.
In 2000 she settles in Brussels and works with Gilles Monnart before starting her proper choreographic adventure.
She will create ‘Sans queues ni têtes’ in 2001, a female trio which she will show in France and Belgium; ‘Motion Pictures’ in 2002, a solo in which she retakes the work on voice and movement and in 2003 she choreographs the opera of Heandel ‘Orlando’ in a production of Françoise Chatôt and creates ‘Pas de deux’ for the festival ‘Danse en vol’ in Brussels. During the summer 2004, she creates the installation/performance ‘Plis’.

Wouter Krokaert (Belgium)

Drawer and dancer/performer. He finishes his studies of graphic design in ’96 in Sint-Lukas Brussels and gets his aggregate in the same school one year later. In the same year he starts working with Meg Stuart, Gary Hill and damaged Goods on ‘Splayed Mind Out’. In 1998, he follows the ‘Performance Education Program’, organised by David Hernandez and Klapstuk in Leuven. He participates on the project of Rachid Ouramdane(Fr) ‘Au Bord des Métaphores’ in 2000/2001. In May 2001 he performs in ‘Present Absence’ of the artist Claude Wampler(NY) on the KunstenFESTIVALdesArts in Brussels. In 2002/2003 he works with Emmanuelle Huynh(Fr) on the project ‘Bord’ in which they confront texts of C.Tarkos with dance and a structure of visual artist Nicholas Floc’h. During this period he also starts working with Christian Rizzo(Fr) on ‘Avant un mois je serais revenu et nous irons ensemble en matinée, tu sais, voir la comédie où je t’ai promis de te conduire.’ Recently, august 2004, he made the images for the installation/ performance ‘Plis’ of Barbara Mavro Thalassitis. Parallel to his activities as a dancer he continues working as a drawer.