Image of En reconnaissance by Stanislav Dobák - Image Basically on the Beach by Zoë Field

Hiros at Dansand! 2023

Some festivals you just can’t miss. KAAP’s Dansand! in Ostend (BE) at the end of this month is one of those. And 2 of the artists working with Hiros will be presenting work!

Gaëtan Rusquet is showing an outdoor version of his recently premiered En reconnaissance on Friday 30.06, 20h30. En reconnaissance merges choreography and sound in a performance that creates a space to experiment with what separates, links and moves us as individuals and as a group. Giving room to what is present, without establishing a hierarchy between what is considered human and non-human.

And for the following two days, Nikima Jagudajev‘s durational live project Basically will be manifesting itself as Basically on the Beach, a choreographic game with interactive and playful rules. Performers (Conduit) and visitors (Arrivor) aid in the world building, shaping the playground with elements such as live music, a picnic, a deck of collectable cards, secrets, sunbathing and nonlinear dance choreographies that fold in on themselves like portals through time. These elements work as informal invitations to engage in different ways, shifting attention and offering agency and ontological transformation. You can join the performers on the beach on Saturday and Sunday (01-02.07), always between 14h30 and 20h30. You can arrive and go whenever suits you.