Liliana Simões

Premiere of Record at Mladi Levi Festival

This summer, on the 18th and 19th of August, Francesca Grilli‘s new creation Record will premiere at Mladi Levi Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

In the performance Record, a choir of young people sings sitting on a ledge, a window, a balcony, a place on the border between the intimate space of a home and public space. The song composition is a text resulting from the exchange, confession, declaration of a hikikomori, with whom the artist has been in touch for more than a year.

For every presentation, Francesca Grilli collaborates with a local choir of youngsters from all different backgrounds. Young people are selected through an open call in each city where Record will take place, making the performance different and unique at each time. Record gives a voice to young people, including those in remote towns, who are not often enough represented in performing arts. Read more about the show here.

And find the full programme of the 26th edition of Mladi Levi here.