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Open Call Youth Choir for performance Francesca Grilli

21.10.2022 – Multidisciplinary artist Francesca Grilli will create the performance RECORD together with a choir of young people.

Based on the lives and stories of a hikikomori, Francesca Grilli will create a performance about the life of adolescents – an age balanced between the desire to throw oneself into life and the desire to withdraw from it. Would you like to participate in the project as a member of the choir of youngsters? You will share the stage with a small group of 8-10 singers.


• You are between 16 and 25 years old. You have some singing experience in a choir.

• You’re available to participate in most of the rehearsals in Brussels and Ghent, and to perform in the shows. 

What does it entail?


• 14 until 22 December in Kaaistudio’s in Brussels

• 4 until 15 April 2023 at VierNulVier in Ghent (school holidays)

You would not rehearse all day, we can refine the schedule together based on your availabilities.

Shows (dates TBC)

• Kaaitheater in Brussels, KAAP in Bruges and VierNulVier in Ghent

We provide a volunteer fee for the project. All travels will be reimbursed.


Send a few lines about yourself to

Performers will be selected on the basis of their qualities and skills, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, age or disability. We encourage youngsters from underrepresented backgrounds to take part.

More info about the project can be found here.

Feel free to share this open call!