Works: Andros Zins-Browne / The Great Indoors

Tine Claerhout

Already Unmade

This durational performance is conceived as a public rehearsal, where choreographer Zins-Browne practices the remixing, overlapping, extending and warping of his own repertoire, attempting to ‘unmake’ a personal history of choreography.

Interwoven with jokes and stories on notions of speed and progress, Already Unmade reverses the order in which choreography is normally created. Zins-Browne begins with his own finished, ‘choreographic objects’ and subjects them to ensuing processes where they begin to unravel.


Performers: Kennis Hawkins, Jaime Llopis, Sandy Williams and Andros Zins-Browne
Curator: Nicola Lees and Asad Raza
Coproduction: Yvonne Lambert (DE), Hiros (BE), and The Great Indoors (BE)
Production: Asad Raza for the Villa Empain