Works: Gaëtan Rusquet + Damien Petitot

Miles Fischler


With In-depth, Gaëtan Rusquet continues his exploration of the body-image relationship, this time in co-creation with Damien Petitot.

In-depth is a performative installation, activated by two performers, putting into play the relationship between the body, the screen and their multiple presences. The performance questions what remains of us physically when we present ourselves through communication networks, data flows and technological tools, in desire to reach out, to touch or to be touched by others.

Through touch, the performers are questioning the materiality of their bodies, the screens, the cameras, the video and its transformations. On the screens, filter-avatars made of the faces of the two performers are superimposed on their faces via face detection algorithms. The reproduction of visual artifacts on the screens reminds us of their materiality and that of the video signals. The distinction between the two performers is blurred, while making the physical and the virtual strangers to each other.

In the meantime, the performers are evoking strong and transformative memories about death, sex, screens, tactile and kinaesthetic experiences. Words and thoughts that are sometimes difficult to share or formulate out loud, creating a radical intimacy with the audience. While telling these intimate stories, the voices of the performers are recorded live, then altered and disseminated in the space until they disintegrate.


Concept: Gaëtan Rusquet & Damien Petitot Performance: Bryan Campbell & Gaëtan Rusquet Set design: Stefan Kartchev, in collaboration with Gaëtan Rusquet Video device & performance: Damien Petitot Sound device & performance: Yann Leguay Coding: Matthieu Levet Production: Hiros Co-production: EUROPALIA, iMAL, C-TAKT In collaboration with: Kunstenwerkplaats KWP Thanks to: Rasa Alksnyte, Benjamin Muzart, Théâtre la Balsamine and its team, Keren Kraizer, Nestor Georget

This project received design and production support from the Digital Arts Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.