Works: Dolores Bouckaert

the kindness of geometry

“Yes, and I personally met the devil at least three times face to face.”

This musical performance focuses on a machine that apparently produces confusing near-death experiences and on a Rumanian singer that believes herself to be somewhere in between life and death. She’s being watched by three dark figures from an intermediate world. They serve as her shadow, her guide, the personification of her demons, and as the engineers of the ecstatic experience machine. What in reality only lasts some hundreds of seconds, she perceives as eternity. Because of the repetitive character of her experience, every possible ending seems to be a return to the beginning. She runs through several phases from devotion, doubt, total obsession and ecstasy.


A music performance by and with: Dolores Bouckaert, Hans Bryssinck & Aarich Jespers
Costume: Christoph Hefti / Basten Basstanie / Carmel Peritore
Light: Jan Maertens
Advice: Marc Vanrunxt
Realisation scenography: Sven Boels, Brecht Bryssinck, Lena Bryssinck, Ingrid Casteleyn, Stief Desmet, Nele Huygens, Bram Soli
Technical support: Vincent Tetaert
Production: Margarita Production for SPIN
Co-production: Beursschouwburg (B)
In partnership with: Campo (B), Vooruit (B), Kc BELGIE (B)
With the support of: de Vlaamse Overheid, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen