Dolores Bouckaert

Kris Dewitte
Trajectory collaboration


°1976, Ghent, lives and works in Ghent.

Dolores Bouckaert works as a director, author, visual artist, actress and performer. In 2000 she made her debut as an actress at Victoria (now CAMPO). In 2004 VOORUIT invited her for TwentySomething, a pivotal moment in her career: her first own creation that brought together different disciplines. Bouckaert went on to put others in front of the lens, started directing and staging. Since then she has developed projects for performance and film, as well as visual art and installations.

In her work the body is both instrument and research object. A recurring theme is the dichotomy between intimacy and public appearance. Performative work: Thou shalt be healthy (2000), In Search of the Ultimate Seduction (2002), Dying in style (2005), The kindness of Geometry (2010) and Deceptive Bodies (2014). As artist-in-residence at KAAP (2016-2018) she recently created Gallop – Biography of a Body. While Deceptive Bodies focused on the deceptive representation of the theatrical body, Gallop developed around the concepts of care and consolation. Bouckaert is currently working on the long-term research The Fragility of Goodness. In addition to her performances, she presents group and solo exhibitions both at home and abroad.

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