Collected screams at Cialo Umysl

New collaboration with Sarah Vanhee

22.03.2023 – You may or may not have already seen her floating around on our website, but we are still very happy to – officially – share that Hiros recently started a new collaboration with Sarah Vanhee (°1980, Oostende)!

She is an internationally renowned artist, performer and author, whose work has been shown in major performing arts contexts for the past fifteen years, as well as in the visual arts, film and literature. Vanhee is known for her transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral work and for inventing ever new, original art forms, mostly in a dilettant manner. Her art is driven by radical imagination, which leads to the creation of new fictions, or the realization of interventions in reality. In addition, art is an instrument for her to bring underexposed narratives and non-dominant voices to the foreground.

Hiros is not only taking over the production of three of her existing projects – lecture performances We are before (2020) and collected screams (2019) as well as her film The Making of Justice (2017)–; we will also provide support for a new creation Vanhee is currently working on, called The Scrivener. More on that soon!

If you are interested in reading about Sarah Vanhee’s biography and work, you can do so here.