Works: Sara Manente

Deborah Robbiano


MOLD SPILLOVERS are a series of gestures molding different situations: a casual picnic, an unexpected catwalk, a handbags collection, a composting exhibition, some blue waffles or a few mycelium sculptures.

These spillovers precede and follow the creation of Sara Manente’s dance performance MOLD. Coming from the process of a dance piece performed in the theater, these gestures reflect on the possibility of contamination in other contexts: spilling over the interstices of a festival palimpsest and architecture, the walls of a museum or an institutional timezone. An exhibition of ruins composting into fertile materials, ferments digesting, mycelium networking and choreographies overflowing.

You can read more about Sara Manente’s dance performance MOLD here.


All MOLD SPILLOVERS emerge from Sara Manente’s dance performance MOLD.

Full credits for MOLD:

Concept and direction: Sara Manente Performance: Marcos Simoes, Gitte Hendrikx, Sara Manente Music: Christophe Albertijn Light: Estelle Gautier Scent and costumes: Sofie Durnez Mycelium: Deborah Robbiano Dramaturgical advice: Jaime Llopis Artistic advice: Edurne Rubio Production: Hiros Co-production: C-TAKT, wpZimmer, Kaaitheater, Kunstencentrum BUDA, WIELS, Far° Festival With the support of: de Vlaamse Overheid Thanksto: XING, Kunst/Werk, Serralves, Günbike Erdemir