Feb. 12, 1979: Stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil – R.L. Oliver / Los Angeles Times

Project Subsidies 2023

20.09.2022 – Last Thursday, we got some great news about project subsidies for 2023! We will be working on two new, exciting performances by Vera Tussing and Francesca Grilli.

Vera Tussing‘s Un-Staging Tactility is a promenade performance at the intersection of dance, spoken word, sculpture and sound art. It brings to the scene new questions, reflections and encounters about touch and our experience of tactility. How does touch guide and structure our sense of the world, of each other and of ourselves? The key question in this project is: What comes before touch?

With performance project Record, involving the characters of a hikikomori and a stunt woman, Francesca Grilli wants to present the delicate and fragile way of life typical of adolescence – an age balanced between the desire to throw oneself into life and the desire to withdraw from it.