I Build My Language With Rocks – AUGUSTUS 2023

27.07.2023 – I Build My Language With Rocks van Paula Almiron en Wouter De Raeve is een kritische lezing van de top-down bewegingen (grootschalige stedelijke plannen), en een focus op de lokale bewegingen in de buurt. In het kader van dit project openden Paula en Wouter een ruimte genaamd ‘M33’ op de begane grond van het Harmoniegebouw in het Noorderkwartier. Lees verder voor hun laatste updates.


“The CCN building is the construction that encapsulated the Northstation of Brussels. Today this building is being demolished. In 2022, a bit more than one year ago, an application for a permit was submitted to construct 4 towers of maximum 110m high to replace the CCN building. Citizens and associations are questioning this density which is much higher than what current urban planning rules allow.

We will take part in the festival FERAL organised by CIFAS and present a work related to our research regarding the swamp of Brussels. In the meantime, we have been continuing the conversation with Radical House and The Green Corridor, investigating the possibilities to create a network between these spaces called Bonding Houses; by means of ‘renetworking the network’, does it become tangible to do less together?

Last week a sofa was brought to M33 by one of the persons that is part of M33. It looks wonderful, but unfortunately we’ll have to take it out because the state of the cushions of the sofa is too bad.

As of September, Zouad will start a hairdressing salon at M33 on Thursdays from 2 till 4pm. That same day, a friend of hers will give after-school assistance to secondary students and in the morning, Atika will start sessions of  ‘bien être – soin du visage’.”

– Paula & Wouter