Anja Wiesmann

outdoors try-out Paula Almiron

We warmly invite everyone to the outdoors try-out of Paula Almiron’s new project, The River and The Devil. Join us Saturday 07/10 at 19h in the swamp of Jette – exact location TBA! 

During the whole of 2023, Paula has been opening up many stages of this creation to different audiences. This try-out will be the last showing in Brussels before finishing the development period and submitting a project application in March 2024, in an exciting new collaboration with Hiros!

The River and The Devil is a dance performance at the intersection of geology, choreography and fictional writing, and is part of an ongoing research about choreographies of water. Addressing both the material and spiritual desertification of the river Desaguadero in Bolivia, Paula invites the audience into a choreographic reading space in which a circulation of words, sounds, gestures and objects embody and imagine the ruins of this disappearing body of water. 

For this try-out, Paula is opening up a new context for the work: a series of outdoor presentations in places around Belgium that resonate with the questions that the work arises. In this occasion, she will host the audience in the swamp of Jette, the last (visible) remnants of a body of water that has also been dried out since many centuries. 

Please confirm your attendance by e-mailing Then we can inform you of the exact location. 

Feel free to bring friends!