Drawing by Wouter De Raeve

I Build My Language With Rocks – JULY 2023

27.07.2023 – Paula Almiron and Wouter De Raeve‘s I Build My Language With Rocks is a critical reading of the top-down movements (large-scale urban plans), and a focus on the local movements in the neighborhood. Within the context of this project, Paula and Wouter opened a space called ‘M33’ located on the ground floor of the Harmonie building in the Northern Quarter. Wonder what they were up to in July? 

JULY 2023

In the ‘70s, four WTC towers were planned in the Northern Quarter of Brussels. Three were built, but the land of the fourth remained vacant. Today real estate company Befimmo plans to construct the 4th tower; 50,000 square meters of offices and, at 111 meters, soon to be the 11th tallest building of Belgium.

Paula and Wouter, on behalf of M33, are working together with radical_house and The Green Corridor in the creation of ‘Bonding Houses’, a small scale Brussels network of work- and living-spaces.

In M33 ants made their way through a little hole in the facade. A small piece of tape was used to cover the hole. It seems to work, the ants disappeared.

And some weeks ago, Paula and Wouter spent a week in PAF (France) working towards the creation of the upcoming program Swamp Sacrifices, which will take place in different locations in Brussels in 2024. Swamp Sacrifices will be an attempt to practice ways of getting closer to the swamp as a sacrificial place, as a space of non-productivity and as a zone where the affective quality of the sacred can emerge.